AOZ Zürich

Titre du projet

MickMath - Knowledge is the world currency, no matter where you live

Durée du soutien au projet

This project runs throughout 2014, the last project took place in 2 asylum housing complexes in Zurich in 2013.

Descriptif du projet

MickMath is a comprehensive, modular concept for the development and enhancement of children’s learning competencies. The MickMath method consists of over thirty strategic learning games aimed at improving children’s understanding of arithmetic and logical thinking. The diverse games are played in a group setting and have visual, auditory, tactile, physical and rhythmic components to stimulate different modes of perception and keep children motivated. The games are designed to support children’s healthy cognitive, emotional and social development and to prepare them for a successful start at kindergarten and at school. This is of utmost importance to lower the gap between children of all walks of life and give them better chances of becoming autonomous young adults in charge of their own lives contributing to the society they live in and thus paving the way for a peaceful common future.